ATTENTION: Anyone Who Has Tried Budgets And Debt Relief Programs And Failed!!!
To STOP Bleeding Money And Start Stacking CASH...
...even if you failed every system before, want to drink lattes five days a week 
and refuse to stick to a budget.
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What You Will Learn On This Free Web Class:
Truth Bomb #1:
Budgets Don't Work In Real Life
They're a business tool - not meant for the average household spender. You can throw the Dave Ramsey envelope system away and learn how to manage your money without draining your willpower.
 Truth Bomb #2:
Get Off the Hamster Wheel of Debt
You don't need to live like a pauper in order to live a debt free life. Start making progress towards your debt free lifestyle while still having your sanity and a life you love.

Truth Bomb #3:
The 5 Types of Money You Need
Once you know how to use the five types of money we will discuss together, you can live the life you want with the financial security you and your family deserve. Don't wait to join!

This presentation is not for you if you're looking for another spreadsheet, another budget app, or a super rigid system that's going to tell you exactly how you can and cannot spend your hard earned money.
Brie Sodano
Personal Financial Strategist
Founder of From Sheep to Shark
About Your Host - Brie Sodano
I started my career as a regular financial advisor selling stocks and bonds. I realized that most people don’t have money problems like, “Oh my word, I have so much extra money to invest, but I just don’t have the time. I must call in a professional”. Right? Is that your most pressing money problem? I didn’t think so.

The truth is most women who are smart, successful, and making good money still have financial challenges. Student loans, credit cards, and “disappearing money syndrome” are common financial holdbacks. Stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and embarrassment keep lots of ladies stuck, not just financially, but in jobs or relationships that are less than great.

I am tired of the financial guru’s advice like cash envelope systems or waiting to start life until you are debt free. And what about those savings methods that don’t work in real life!

Are you ready to control the money in your life? Ready for more? Ready to be free rather than letting your bank account dictate your life? If money stresses you out, or holds you back from living life fully, then you are in the right place.
Disclaimer: This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase.